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Property Management

ABC Management currently manages over 600 units of multi-family real estate. We support a wide range of properties including multi-family homes, office buildings, retail centers, industrial facilities, foreclosure properties and condominium associations.

What Property Management means to us...

• We view all properties individually and each property requires its own strategic plan with specific metrics that need to be managed.
• We consistently work hard to retain good residents and work to upgrade the resident establishment.
• Our experienced staff possesses the in-depth market knowledge necessary to provide professional direction in every aspect of the transaction.

Construction Management and Remodeling

ABC Management has rehabbed and built over 600 units in the last five years.

• We are dedicated to providing professional, timely and cost-conscious service. Our team handles complete maintenance and construction projects and our services range from building a new home to changing a light bulb.
• We have an extensive network of experienced and reliable subcontractors.
• We fully understand the process in working with local zoning, building and housing agencies.